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Research & Policy

We believe that effective policy and sustainable housing initiatives are built on data that is relevant, accurate and current.  Our team's analytical skills include data development, trend analysis, mapping, and surveys.

Central Virginia Mobile Home Study

In 2016, a coalition of Richmond-area nonprofits commissioned HDA to investigate conditions in the region’s mobile home parks. We visited over 50 communities and graded their housing, infrastructure, and amenities. The report helped practitioners understand that these parks are an important yet misunderstood component of the affordable housing spectrum, and led to the creation of the Manufactured Home Community Coalition of Virginia, which serves to improve the lives of residents living in parks throughout the state.

Northern Shenandoah Valley Housing Assessment

As Housing Virginia, HDA partnered with the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis at Virginia Commonwealth University to complete a housing assessment for the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission. Using CURA’s needs analysis and household projections, we crafted housing policy recommendations tailored to each locality, market typology, and major demographic group.

Examples of work we provide:

Housing Needs Analysis

We use datasets from Census, HUD, and other sources to accurately determine current and projected housing needs for communities of all types.

GIS Mapping

We are fluent in geospatial data of all shapes and sizes and specialize in making maps that are useful and thought-provoking.

Policy Solutions

We develop custom sets of housing strategies for neighborhoods, localities, and regions that emphasize innovation and implementation.

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